We are happy to announce the latest issue of Communication Design Quarterly (6-1) is now out:

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Proceedings from and Future Plans for the Symposium for Communicating Complex Information (SCCI) by Daniel Richards

Site Identity, Artifact Duplication, and Disambiguation in Alabama Local Emergency Management Agencies (LEMAs) by Susan A. Youngblood

What is “Obamacare”?: Health Literacy, E-Commerce, and The Affordable Care Act’s Online Content by Dawn S. Opel

Principles of Technical Communication and Design Can Enrich Writing Practice in Regulated Contexts by Lisa DeTora

Cross-Cultural Whistle-Blowing in an Emerging Outbreak: Revealing Health Risks through Tactic Communication and Rhetorical Hijacking by Huiling Ding

Reflexes, Reactions, and Usability: Examining How Prototypes of Place Can Enhance UXD Practices by Kirk St. Amant

CDQ 6-1 is now live!