We are happy to announce the latest issue of Communication Design Quarterly (6-2) is now out:

Editors’ Introduction: Mapping the Complex Context(s) of Use by Kirk St. Amant

Participatory Video Methods in UX: Sharing Power with Users to Gain Insights into Everyday Life by Emma Rose and Alison Cardinal

Promoting Inclusive and Accessible Design in Usability Testing: A Teaching Case with Users Who Are Deaf by Liz Hutter and Halcyon M. Lawrence

“Connect with your patients, not the screen”: Usability Claims in Electronic Health Records by Katie Lynn Walkup

Is Good Enough Good Enough? Negotiating Web User Value Judgments of Small Businesses Based on Poorly Designed Websites by Heidi L. Everett

Not a Cape, but a Life Preserver: The Importance of Designer Localization in Interactive Sea Level Rise Viewers by Daniel P. Richards

How to Be Open: User Experience and Technical Communication in an Emerging Game Development Methodology by Luke Thominet

Contextual Cropping, Collateral Data: Screenshot Methods for UX Research by Cody Reimer

Exploring Usability and User-Centered Design through Emergency Management Websites: Advocating Responsive Web Design by Samantha Cosgrove

Multimodal Conversation Analysis and Usability Studies: Exploring Human-Technology Interactions in Multiparty Contexts by Mary Clinkenbeard

Review: Emotions, Technology, and Health by Amy Rubens

Review: Org Design for Design Orgs: Building and Managing In-House Design Teams by Josephine Walwema

CDQ 6-2 is now live!