We are happy to announce the latest issue of Communication Design Quarterly (5-4) is now out:

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Wearable Technologies and Communication Design by John Jones and Catherine C. Gouge

Sensors and Gizmos and Data, Oh My: Informating Firefighters’ Personal Protective Equipment by Timothy R. Amidon, Elizabeth A. Williams, Tiffany Lipsey, Randy Callahan, Gary Nuckols, and Spencer Rice

Impatient Patients: A DIY Usability Approach in Diabetes Wearable Technologies by Lora Arduser

Designing for Human-Machine Collaboration: Smart Hearing Aids as Wearable Technologies by Krista Kennedy

Contested Sites of Health Risks: Using Wearable Technologies to Intervene in Racial Oppression by Kristen R. Moore, Natasha Jones, Bailey S. Cundiff, and Leah Heilig

Quantifiable Me: Fitness and Health Trackers and the Trope of Holisticism by Candice A. Welhausen

CDQ 5-4 is now live