Why Join SIGDOC?

The Association of Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Special Interest Group (SIG) on the Design of Communication (DOC) provides a forum for the effective interchange of information on technical documentation, software development, and user support for computer products and systems. The SIG studies processes, methods, and technologies for communicating information online, with hypermedia, multimedia, and in print. Members include technical communication professionals, computer scientists, educators, and researchers, as well as system and web application designers and developers, usability specialists, and managers responsible for producing or supervising the creation of documentation, online help systems, and user interfaces. SIGDOC offers conferences, a high-quality Web site, and an online Publication.

SIGDOC bridges the historical gap between research and practice, between academia and industry, and between technical communicators and software engineers. By joining SIGDOC, you become a member of a closely-knit community of professionals interested in the design of all forms of communication. The complementary backgrounds of SIGDOC members foster interesting dialog between traditionally disparate communities (e.g., technical communicators and program developers).

Joining SIGDOC costs only $35 USD ($25 for students), and you don’t need to join ACM in order to become a SIGDOC member.

To join quickly online, as either a student or professional member, use the online SIGDOC membership application.

Additional benefits of SIGDOC membership include:

How to Join SIGDOC

You have multiple options for joining:

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All ACM members must subscribe to the ACM Code of Ethics.

To request more information about becoming an ACM member, contact membership services. Historical membership statistics since 1990 can be found here.