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Language Minorities’ Localization in COVID-19 Recovery: An Ecological Approach to Navigating Community-based User Experience
Soyeon Lee, SIGDOC 2021 Best Paper Award Winner

Disaster Documentation Revisited: The Evolving Damage Assessments of Emergency Management in Oregon
Henry Covey, SIGDOC 2021 Best Paper Award Winner

Interrogating Alexa: Holding Voice Assistants Accountable for Their Answers
Daniel Hocutt, October 2021 (Open Access)

Participatory Coalition Building: Creating an Anti-Racist Scholarly Reviewing Practices Heuristic
Lauren Cagle, Michelle Eble, Meredith Johnson, Nathan R. Johnson, Liz Lane, Temptaous Mckoy, Kristen R. Moore, Enrique Reynoso Jr., Emma Rose, Gpat Patterson, Fernando Sánchez, Michele Simmons, Erica Stone, Jason Chew Kit Tham, Rebecca Walton. October 2021

User Experience Design as a Framework for Environmental and Political Negotiation in Decision-Making about Wind Energy
Daniel P. Richards, Jennifer Whytlaw, Thomas Allen, George McLeod, Jonathan Miles, Jeremiah J. A. Cronin, October 2021 (Open Access)

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