We are happy to announce the latest issue of Communication Design Quarterly (5-3) is now out:

Editorial: Reflecting on and Re-Thinking Usability and User Experience Design by Kirk St. Amant

The Past, Present, and Future of UX Empirical Research by Joy Robinson, Candice Lanius, and Ryan Weber

Digital Humanities, Middleware, and User Experience Design for Public Health Applications by J.D. Applen and Sonia H. Stephens

Cultivating a Rhetoric of Advocacy for Usability Studies and User-Centered Design by Bill Williamson and Scott J. Kowalewski

Framework Negotiation and UX Design by Andrew Mara

Designing For Global Mobile: Considering User Experience Mapping With Infrastructure, Global Openness, Local User Contexts And Local Cultural Beliefs Of Technology Use by Gustav Verhulsdonck

Engaging With Online Design: Undergraduate User-Participants and the Practice-Level Struggles of Usability Learning by Joseph Bartolotta, Julianne Newmark, and Tiffany Bourelle

Review: Fundamentals of User-Centered Design: A Practical Approach by Samantha Cosgrove

Review: Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities by Robert M. Rowan

CDQ 5-3 is now live