The latest issue of Communication Design Quarterly is now available.

This issue contains

“Charting an Emerging Field: The Rhetorics of Health and Medicine and Its Importance in Communication Design” by Lisa Meloncon and Erin A. Frost

“Light Lies: How Glass Speaks” by Kathleen Connellan, Damien W. Riggs, and Clemence Due

“E-Health First Impressions and Visual Evaluations: Key Design Principles for Attention and Appeal” by Allison J. Lazard and Michael S. Mackert

“Pharmaceutical Companies are Writing the Script for Health Consumerism” by Scott A. Mogull and Deborah Balzhiser

“The Hospitalist Model—Are Hospitals Informing Patients” by Debra Burleson

“Revitalize Gynecology: Reimagining Apparent Feminism’s Methodology In Participatory Health Intervention Projects” by Maria Novotny

“Designing Public Communication about Doulas: Analyzing Presence and Absence in Promoting a Volunteer Doula Program” by Rebecca A. Kuehl and Jenn Anderson

“Assessing the Accuracy of Trauma Patient Prioritization: Communication Design of the M.I.S.E.R Information System Protocol and Communication Channel during Crisis Communication Exchanges” by Theodore A. Avtgis, David Kappel, and E. Phillips Polack

“Review: Rhetoric in the Flesh: Trained Vision, Technical Expertise, and the Gross Anatomy Lab” by Molly Kessler

CDQ 3-4