The latest issue of Communication Design Quarterly is now available.

This issue contains

“Evaluating The Relevance of eBooks to Corporate Communication” by Rebecca Walton and David Hailey

“Testing the Waters: Local Users, Sea Level Rise, and the Productive Usability of Interactive Geovisualizations” by Daniel Richards

“Personalized Presentation Builder for Persuasive Communication” by Amirsam Khataei and Ali Arya

“Problem Solving in User Networks: Complex Communication Issues and Item-to-Item Collaborative Filtering” by Clinton R. Lanier

“Communication and Exchange Between Information Visualization and Industrial Design” by Zhenyu Cheryl Qian and Yingjie Victor Chen

“A UX Workflow for Building Awesome Application” by Kristi Wiley and Guiseppe Getto

“Strategy First, Execution Second: Teaching Design Strategy in Technical Communication” by Quan Zhou

“Understanding Digital Badges through Feedback, Reward, and Narrative: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Building Better Badges in Social Environments” by Joseph Fanfarelli, Stephanie Vie, and Rudy McDaniel

CDQ 3-3