Women in Tech Comm Service Project

At SIGDOC 2019, instead of our usual Women in Tech Comm breakfast, Women in Technical Communication is partnering with Rose Haven Day Shelter to prepare care kits for local community members who need warm clothes, toiletries, and other basic supplies. On Saturday, we invite members of the Women in Tech Comm community and intersectional, feminist allies to help assemble these care kits. We’ll meet on Saturday from 11:45AM – 1PM in the Vanport room.

Attendees can contribute in a number of ways:

·      Show up to help us assemble care kits;

·      Purchase items on this list and bringing them to Portland to be assembled;

·      Make a Women in Tech Comm contribution through the registration website to provide financial support for purchasing kit items;

·      Volunteer to help organize the event.

Even if you’re not attending, we invite members of the Women in Tech Comm community to share this opportunity, send items for these care kits, or contribute money to the cause. Please contact Kristen R. Moore at krmoore@buffalo.edu if you’d like to learn more about these options.

A note about allies: Traditionally, Women in Technical Communication has been a space reserved for those who identify as women. For this event (and perhaps others), however, we invite allies, or those who may not identify as women but who actively contribute to intersectional feminist coalition building, to contribute to this coalition-in-action activity. We look forward to hearing from attendees about how these expanded spaces serve the mission of Women in Tech Comm.