Combined portraits of Jordan Frith and Amber Lancaster

On behalf of the SIGDOC Executive Committee and Advisory Board, we are excited to announce CDQ’s new editorial team:

  • Editor in Chief: Jordan Frith, Clemson University
  • Associate Editor: Amber Lancaster, Oregon Tech

We would also like to thank Dr. Derek Ross and his editorial team for the service throughout these years to help CDQ continue to grow. Thank you!

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Editor in Chief: Jordan Frith, Clemson University

Profile of Dr. Jordan Frith

Jordan Frith (he/him) is the Pearce Professor of Professional Communication at Clemson University. His primary research focuses on technical communication, mobile media, and communication infrastructure, and he is the author of 3 books and has 2 more books currently under contract. He has also published more than 35 peer-reviewed journal articles in a variety of disciplines, including communication studies, technical communication, media studies, and geography. Additionally, he’s a big believer in the importance of public scholarship and has published in public venues like Salon, Slate, and The Conversation.

Dr. Frith is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research and disciplinary service has always crossed disciplinary lines. He’s published on topics ranging from writing theory to locative social media to citational politics to RFID infrastructures. As he puts it, he’s never had the attention span to just focus on one topic, and he has also brought that approach to his disciplinary service. His two main disciplinary affiliations are SIGDOC and the Mobile Communication Division of the International Communication Association, and he has served on the executive board of both. He also has editorial experience that spans disciplinary boundaries and was lead editor on a book about Virtual Reality and had edited four special issues before becoming editor of Communication Design Quarterly. His vision for the journal involves continuing the excellent work done by the previous editor—Derek Ross—while extending outreach across disciplinary boundaries to solicit expansive work that focuses on communication design.

And as a final note, if Dr. Frith is known for one single thing as an academic, he hopes it’s that he’s the person who includes a paragraph thanking his rescue dogs in the acknowledgement sections of all of his books.

You can learn more about him and access his publications on his website.

Associate Editor: Amber Lancaster, Oregon Tech

Profile of Dr. Amber Lancaster

Dr. Amber Lancaster is an Associate Professor of Communication and Director of Professional Writing (PWR) at Oregon Tech. She has over 20 years of experience in research and communication roles in both academia and industry. She earned her PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric (2008) from Texas Tech University. She is a Board-certified Editor of Life Sciences (BELS, 2014) and holds a Certificate in the Foundations of Human Subjects Protections Overview (PRIM&R, 2015) from Boston University. Amber oversees the mobile usability lab at Oregon Tech and conducts usability research for corporate and academic clients. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in academic writing, grant writing, technical writing, risk communication, and user research. Her research focuses on the intersections of UX/UCD, ethics, and social issues and on technology and writing pedagogy. She has led editorial projects since 2012. Her recent projects include two journal special issues and two edited book collections.

Announcing the New CDQ Editorial Team!