We are happy to announce the latest issue of Communication Design Quarterly (Volume 6 Issue 3) is now live:

Editorial: Perspectives on Preparing Technical Communication Professionals for Today and the Future by Rebekka Andersen and Carlos Evia

Evolving Skill Sets and Job Pathways of Technical Communicators by Nadya Shalamova, Tammy Rice-Bailey, and Katherine Wikoff

Responsive Curriculum Change: Going Beyond Occupation Demands by Teena A. M. Carnegie and Kate Crane

Information Architects: What They Do and How to Become One by Amber Swope

Cultivating Code Literacy: Course Redesign Through Advisory Board Engagement by Ann Hill Duin and Jason Chew Kit Tham

Preparing Communication Design Students as Facilitators: A Primer for Rethinking Coursework in Project Management by Benjamin Lauren

Pedagogical Strategies for Integrating SEO into Technical Communication Curricula by Anthony T. Atkins and Colleen A. Reilly

Theory to Practice: Negotiating Expertise for New Technical Communicators by Jennifer C. Mallette and Megan Gehrke

Review: Plain Language and Ethical Action by Dan Martin

Review: Academy-industry Relationships and Partnerships by Elaine Wisniewski

CDQ 6-3 is now live