The latest issue of Communication Design Quarterly is now available.

This issue contains

“Introduction to the special issue Cultural Considerations for Communication Design: Integrating Ideas of Culture, Communication, and Context into User Experience Design” by Kirk St.Amant

“The Communication Design of WeChat: Ideological as Well as Technical Aspects of Social Media” by Xiaobo Wang & Baotong Gu

“The Digital Divide at the Margins: Co-designing Information Solutions to Address the Needs of Indigenous Populations of Rural India” by Uttaran Dutta and Swayang Das

“Cross-Cultural Cinematic Communication: Learning from the Information Design Process for a Sino-American Film Competition” by Rudy McDaniel and Lanlan Kuang

“Designing With HDR Data: What the Human Development Report Can Tell Us about International Users” by Hilary Sarat-St. Peter

“Review: World 3.0: Global prosperity and how to achieve it” by Guiseppe Getto

“Review: Rhetorical memory: A study of technical communication and information management” by Benjamin Lauren

CDQ 4-1 Now Available