IMG_7926Ljilja Kascak, Ph.D. student at Georgia Institute of Technology, won the SIGDOC 2013 competition with her paper: “Icon Design for User Interface of Remote Patient Monitoring Mobile Devices.”

As part of her win, she’ll receive free travel and registration for this year’s conference to present her paper. Be sure to make plans for late September to join us in Greenville so you don’t miss out on this or other cutting edge DOC research!

More about Ljilja:

Ljilja is currently studying UI/UX Design and Research at the School of Industrial Design at GIT. From her entry letter:

I am very passionate about the role and area of user experience (UX) design and research. As both industrial designer and engineer, I feel strongly about the role of the users and their needs during the design process. User experience (UX) takes a vital part in the product and experience design by learning about users’ behaviors, attitudes, and emotions, and incorporating their needs into the very beginning of the design process. In all my projects I have created innovative User Interface (UI) and UX solutions in order to provide simplified and easy-to-use design solutions. 

To learn more about her, visit her online:

Congratulations to Ljilja Kascak, winner of the SIGDOC 2013 Graduate Student Competition!