SIGDOC 2012 took place in scenic Seattle, Washington and included a day of workshops plus a day and a half of presentations, experience reports and posters. The content of the event was very diverse with many great opportunities for insightful conversation.

One of the high points was the special panel session celebrating the 30th edition of the ACM SIGDOC conference. The panelists and moderator were all SIGDOC Chairs representing different eras in SIGDOC’s rich history, from its humble beginnings in 1975 to the present. The panel session represented a unique opportunity to hear from experts who have the ability to place new developments in the design of communication in a historical context. The panel moderator was Scott Tilley (2003-2005). The panelists were Tom D’Auria (1977-1980), Diana Patterson (1980-1989), Nina Wishbow (1993-1997), Kathy Haramundanis (1997-2003), and Rob Pierce (2012-present). A copy of the audio from this panel is available online.

SIGDOC 2012 Recap
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