dark map with green listing and locations of all 8 hubs
SIGDOC 2021 Hubs – October 14th

SIGDOC ’21 is hybrid. The conference team will facilitate a virtual platform to host a regular online program with synchronous and asynchronous content, including video presentations, workshops, and keynotes all available to registrants online. The conference team will also facilitate, under the leadership of Conference Chair Andrew Mara and local co-chairs, eight small localized meetups—what the conference committee is calling “hubs.” These day-long hubs (taking place separately but simultaneously on October 14th) are in addition to the online content and designed to support SIGDOC members across the globe in providing an in-person space to connect and think through what it means to build coalitions across and through our diverse spaces. Each of these hub meetups will be hosted and designed by the individual hub locations. More information on ecah hub and their respective activities and schedule can be found using the drop-down menu above.