Top 5 SIGDOC 2015 Papers by Downloads

1) Responsive, mobile app, mobile first: untangling the UX design web in practical experience

Cheri Mullins | Downloads: 451


2) Digital badges for deliberate practice: designing effective badging systems for interactive communication scenarios

Joseph R. Fanfarelli, Rudy McDaniel | Downloads: 187


3) Target data breach: applying user-centered design principles to data breach notifications

Fer O’Neil | Downloads: 135


4) Graphical abstracts: a taxonomy and critique of an emerging genre

Suzanne Lane, Andreas Karatsolis, Lily Bui | Downloads: 135


5) Putting GamerGate in context: how group documentation informs social media activity

Michael Trice |Downloads: 108


Top 5 Communication Design Quarterly 2015 by Downloads

1) The communication design of WeChat: ideological as well as technical aspects of social media

Xiaobo Wang, Baotong Gu | Downloads: 205


2) Are personas really usable?

Tharon W. Howard | Downloads: 148


3) A UX workflow for building awesome applications

Kristi Wiley, Guiseppe Getto | Downloads: 109


4) Personalized presentation builder for persuasive communication

Amirsam Khataei, Ali Arya | Downloads: 99


5) Understanding digital badges through feedback, reward, and narrative: a multidisciplinary approach to building better badges in social environments

Joseph Fanfarelli, Stephanie Vie, Rudy McDaniel | Downloads: 84

Top 5 Most Accessed CDQ and SIGDOC 2015 Articles of the Last Year