The latest issue of Communication Design Quarterly is now available.

In this installment of CDQ, you’ll find:

Notes from the SIG
by Liza Potts, Stephanie Vie, Sarah Gunning, and Dawn M. Armfield

Introduction to the special issue: Online Networks, Social Media, and Communication Design
by Kirk St. Amant

Forum Design and the Changing Landscape of Crowd-Sourced Help Information
by Jordan Frith

Empathetic User Design: Understanding and Living the Reality of an Audience
by Emily January Petersen

The Social Help Desk: Examining How Twitter is Used As a Technical Support Tool
by Chris Lam and Mark A. Hannah

Emerging Scholars and Social Media Use: A Pilot Study of Risk
by Michael J. Faris and Kristen R. Moore

Review: All edge: Inside the new workplace networks.
by Sarah K. Gunning

Review: Intertwingled: Information changes everything.
by Stacey L. Pigg

CDQ 4-2 is now available: Special Issue on Online Networks, Social Media, and Communication Design