The Communication Design Podcast is a compelling and interactive audio series that interviews scholars and practitioners in the field about their influences, recent research, and other relevant issues. For suggestions or to submit ideas for a podcast, please contact the series producer Ben Lauren at


3(1) Org Design for Design Orgs

Peter Merholz discusses a range of topics, including his new book co-authored with Kristin Skinner, design methodologies, effective design leadership, and learning from his experiences as a leader at Adaptive Path.


2(1) Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design

Lisa Welchman discusses her new book, team dynamics, legal concerns, systems theory, and approaching effective team communication as a design problem.


1(2) All Edge: Inside the New Workplace Networks

Clay Spinuzzi continues his discussion in the second half of our interview.


1(1) All Edge: Inside the New Workplace Networks

Clay Spinuzzi discusses his new book, the need to iterate activity theory, and the potential of social network analysis as a method for doing workplace studies.