SIGDOC 2020 Business Meeting

Business Meeting

All SIGDOC members are invited to our annual open business meeting.

  • Tuesday, October 6, 10:30am-12:00pm Central Time (U.S. & Canada)
  • Held via Zoom (link sent separately to SIGDOC registrants)


Topic Purpose Lead
Overview of agenda and introductions Getting (re)acquainted Dan Richards
Financial and membership updates Report Susan Youngblood & Dan Richards
Communication, Website, Social Media & Accessibility updates Report and Discussion Adam Strantz, Luke Thominet, Jason Tham & Sean Zdenek
CDQ update and strategy Report Derek Ross
Conference 2020: Acknowledgments, processes, and lessons learned Discussion Stacey Pigg & Conference Committee
New budget line for justice-centered projects* Discussion Dan Richards & Executive Committee
SIGDOC 2021 Discussion Sarah Read

* From SIGDOC’s response to injustice:

Investing. We are dedicating funds to support justice-centered and anti-racist work:

  • Immediate: We are focusing the two 2020-2021 Career Advancement Research Grants ($2,400 total) to specifically fund projects that actively work to dismantle systemic injustices or create new visions of equity and justice. The CFP will be released in October at the 2020 SIGDOC Conference, with a submission deadline of November 30th.
  • Sustainable: We are allocating a permanent annual budgetary line item of $2,000 dedicated to supporting justice-centered initiatives in the design of communication. This line item will support the organization to purposefully dedicate resources of the organization to do justice-centered work. We will convene a session at the 2020 SIGDOC Conference to gather input from members to discuss how to use these funds.