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When the Executive Committee made the decision to convert SIGDOC 2020 from an in-person conference to a virtual conference, we program chairs (Josie and Daniel) wondered how we might organize presentations into something like panels. We got excited about the opportunity to use presentation types, categories, and tags to organize and group presentations. That led to the Explore page you’re on now, where you can follow types, tags, and categories to explore the conference’s rich content.

However, we also wanted to pick out some browsing pathways you might not come across on your own. In response, we’ve curated a collection of presentations at the intersection of tags, categories, and search results. You won’t be able to use type, tag, or category to find these collections. We hope you find them meaningful.

Note on Comments

We’re aware that the ‘Reply’ feature on presentation comments is not working correctly. To reply to a comment, please use the ‘Comment’ feature and address your response to the comment using the commenter’s name or username.

Curated Collections

By Tag

By Type

Close up view of a textbook with colored post it tabs marking important pages

Research Papers

Lush green countryside with a stone path winding through it heading towards mountains in the distance

Experience Reports

A man speaks into a microphone on stage while gesturing to a crowd


The Earth seen from space at night with cities glowing brightly

Industry Insights

Close up painting of blue and gold strokes


Presenters talk in small groups around their posterboard research displays

Student Research Competition

By Category

Group of people sitting around a table talking and drinking

Collaborative Platforms

Purple and green flag from a climate justice protest


Close up image of a curcuitboard

Computer-mediated Communication

People writing on a whiteboard organizing ideas

Content Strategy

Data visualization displayed on a laptop showing generic pageview data increasing

Data Visualization

Website layouts created in watercolor on a piece of paper

Design Methods and Principles

1920s Brownie camera with packaging. The old camera is a large black rectangle

Digital Humanities and Design

Man creating a cartoonish avatar of himself on his smartphone

Human-Computer Interaction

Digital display showing the total deaths of Corona-19 as 5,833

Health Communication

A group of women discuss a project around a conference table

Participatory Research

A man gives a presentation to a small audience at a conference


A red circle on the ground indicating where someone should stand to be socially distanced in a line

Technical Communication

A bike path with stencil markings is washed out near a ramp

User Experience

Up close shot of the joy-cons from a Nintendo Switch

Video Games and Gaming

A light show at night shows light trails in blue, purple, and green

Visual Communication

A woman arranges post-it notes on a white wall in front of a small business meeting

Workplace Practice

An open compass on a wooden table

Experience Architecture

Multi-level library with many bookshelves and white walkways running between floors

Information Design & Information Architecture

Shot of a few flags flying outside of a building on a foggy day

International & Intercultural Communication Design