SIGDOC Conference 2020

Virtual Event 5 - 9 Oct. 2020

Virtual SIGDOC 2020: A New Decade of Technology and Design

October 5 – 9, 2020 – All event times in Central Time (U.S. & Canada) | Virtually hosted by the University of North Texas in Denton, TX

The “After Conference”

Our conference week has passed, and we hope you found the virtual experience meaningful and engaging, an energy boost and a reminder that we’re still in this together. The virtual nature of the conference allows us to continue engaging with presenters and attendees. If you registered for the conference, here are some ways the conference continues.

SIGDOC 2020 Slack Workspace. Our SIGDOC 2020 Front Desk on Slack remains active through the end of October 2020. If you’re registered but haven’t set up your login to the Slack workspace, log into the conference website and visit the Session Info page — it’s only accessible if you’re logged in. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the Slack workspace invitation link.

Video and Transcripts of Recorded Sessions. We’re loading captioned videos and captioning transcripts from recorded sessions as we process them. When logged into the conference website, you can access these recording pages as sub-items on the Live Events menu. The first available is the Opening Session and Keynote recording.

Comments on Presentations. You’re welcome to continue engaging in Comments on conference presentations. Simply log into the conference website, and you’ll be able to add Comments. Remember, if you want to reply to a specific comment, be sure to address them by username, in the form @username, in your Comment. The site has a known bug that keeps the “Reply” option from functioning correctly.

Proceedings Papers. All of the Proceedings are available in the ACM Digital Library. If you link to the Proceedings of the 38th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication  from any of the pages in the SIGDOC website, you’ll have free access to all of this year’s papers.

Thanks to all who made this a memorable event. Looking forward to engaging with everyone at SIGDOC 2021 — wherever that may be held!

Values for the virtual event

As we shifted to a virtual event due to COVID-19, the conference committee were mindful of several goals and values based on input from the SIGDOC community.

  • Provide for flexibility: A combination of synchronous and asynchronous offerings available throughout the week.
  • Design for accessibility: Content available in multiple formats to provide access to meet the needs of the community.
  • Honor the labor of presenters and authors: Provide a space for authors and presenters to share their work and re-use their work.
  • Being mindful of the moment: Curating topical sessions that are relevant to our present moment.