Editor‘s Roundtable

Editor’s Roundtable

Join a roundtable conversation with SIGDOC and CPTSC journal editors.

  • Thursday, October 8, 1-2:30pm Central Time (U.S. & Canada)
  • Moderated by Derek Ross, editor, Communication Design Quarterly (CDQ), SIGDOC’s journal


  • Avery Edenfield, book review editor, CDQ
  • Lora Arduser, co-editor, Programmatic Perspectives (PP), CPTSC’s journal
  • Russell Kirksey, book review editor, PP

Key Questions

  • What kinds of articles does your journal publish?
  • What are general submission requirements?
  • How does the book review publication process work?
  • How does peer review and the process after submission work?
  • How would you suggest interested authors go about revising their presentations for submission?
  • What do you wish new authors knew about the submission and review process?