August 3-5, 2018
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Thursday, August 2, 2018

5:00-7:00PM SIGDOC Board Meeting and Dinner
10:00AM-8:00PM Although there are no other official SIGDOC events scheduled, for conference attendees who arrive on Thursday and are looking for something to do, check out the Milwaukee Art Museum’s First Thursday, a free event from 10am-8pm

Friday, August 3, 2018

8:00-11:00AM Registration opens
8:30-11:30AM Research Network led by Kristen Moore


Participatory video and experience design: 
Sharing power with users to gain insights into everyday life – Emma Rose and Allison Cardinal, University of Washington

Data Visualization Best Practices using R and Adobe Illustrator – Adam Strantz, Miami University

15-min break
11:45am-1:00pm Lunch + Diana Award Winner Keynote: Dana Chisnell from the Center for Civic Design
15-min break
1:15-2:30pm Session A

  • Panel: Collaborative Design
    • Collaborative Design: How an undergraduate university program and its community partners are using LEAN Methodology to evolve a UX curriculum – Tammy Rice-Bailey,  Nadya Shalamova, and Amii LaPointe, Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Innovative Approaches to Research Methods
    • Adapting human-centered design and UX methods for teens: An experience report – Emma Rose, Elin Björling, Ada Kim and Nicole Young Alvarez, University of Washington
    • What Artificial Intelligence Learned from SIGDOC 2017 – Jason Lawrence, Southern Connecticut State University
    • Post-Global Communication Practices in Border Regions – Enrique Reynoso, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
15-min break
2:45-4:00pm Session B

  • UXD and New Opportunities
    • Collaborating for Sustainability: Project Cities in Online UX Classes – Tatiana Batova, Arizona State University
    • A Cross Cultural and Disciplinary Examination of UX Empirical Research Since 2000 – Joy Robinson and Candice Lanius, University of Alabama in Huntsville
    • Usability for User Empowerment: Promoting Social Justice and Human Rights through Localized UX Design – Keshab Acharya, University at Buffalo-SUNY
    • “I’m surprised that this hasn’t happened before”: An Indigenous Examination of UXD Failure During the Hawai’i Missile False Alarm – Adam Strantz and Emily Legg, Miami University
  • Teaching Design and Collaboration
    • Emphasizing design in information literacies: An inquiry into information-related outcomes in technical communication courses for non-majors – Stacey Pigg, Melissa F. Hannah and Melissa M. Stone, North Carolina State University
    • Enriching Technical Communication Education: Collaborating Across Disciplines and Cultures to Develop the piClinic Console – Robert Watson, Mercer University
    • Iteration for Impact: Exploring Design Thinking & Designing for Social Change in Client Projects – Liz Lane, University of Memphis
15-min break
4:15-5:30pm SRC Posters + SIGDOC Posters

SRC Posters:

Graduate Division

  • Bolstering Global Image: A Website-based Comparison of Corporate Introductions between Chinese and American Public Companies – Jianfen Chen, North Carolina State University
  • Actions and Strategies: A Verbal Data Analysis of Phishing Emails – David Mueller, North Carolina State University
  • Learning from Making: A Design Challenge in Technical Writing and Communication – Jason Tham, University of Minnesota
  • Examining Instructor Feedback in Professional and Technical Communication Service Courses – Sara Doan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Making First-Glance Quantitative Usability Testing More Accessible – Jack Labriola, Texas Tech University
  • Mods and Convergence Culture: Connecting character creation, user interface, and participatory design – Rebekah Small, Michigan State University
  • A Localization Theory: User Experience Research in the U.S. and Canada – Tara O’Brien, Arizona State University
  • Constructing Artificial Intelligence in Newspaper: A Cross-Cultural Analysis in the U.S. and China – Yeqing Kong, North Carolina State University
  • Responsive Data Visualization: the National Weather Service and the Representation of Risk – Samantha Cosgrove, Iowa State University

Undergraduate Division

  • Cross-Disciplinary Instructional Design and Communication – Tyler William Black, University of Waterloo

SIGDOC Posters:

  • Trusting Panoptic Power for Presentations in the Classroom: A Critical Approach – Nathan Bollig, University of Minnesota
  • Board Games in the PW/TC Classroom – Tony Bushner, Purdue University
  • Agency Visualized: Connecting Relational Network Modeling and Communication Design – Danielle DeVasto, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Developing a Contemporary Tech(nical Communication) Curriculum in Communication Studies – Franny Howes, Oregon Tech
  • The Rhetorical Work of YouTube’s Beauty Community: Rethinking the Conventions of User-created Procedural Discourse – Lehua Ledbetter, University of Rhode Island
  • Bugs and Emotion: A Content Analysis of Quality Assurance Player Feedback – Luke Thominet, Florida International University
5:30-7:30pm “Happy hour on the Grohmann Museum’s Rooftop Sculpture Garden

Saturday, August 4, 2018

7:30AM-8:45AM Women in Technical Communication Breakfast (additional charge; please RSVP when you register for SIGDOC)
15-min break
9:00AM-10:15AM Keynote address: Ken Cook, President and CEO of Ken Cook Co 
15-min break
10:30AM-11:45AM Session C

  • Industry-Academic Partnerships
    • Increasing the Value and Accessibility of Academic Research: Perspectives from Industry – Rebekka Andersen, University of California-Davis and Joann Hackos, Director of the Center of Information-Development Management (Retired)
    • Teaching Entrepreneurial Design Thinking through Community Engagement – Carrie Grant, Purdue University
    • Human-centered service learning in the online environment: A model for building relationships between industry and academic partners to enhance successful outcomes in a collaborative technical writing project – Brittany McCrigler and Martin Rippens, iFixit
  • Medicine and Health
    • Counter-Intuitive Findings about Community Literacy Rates & Healthcare Outcomes – Brenton Faber, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    • Student-designed Texts as Mediators of Classroom Systems: A UX Analysis of Clinical Nursing Simulations – Lillian Campbell, Marquette University
    • Incorporating AR into a multimodal UI for an artificial pancreas: The interdisciplinary nature of integrating augmented reality (AR), sound, and touch into a user interface (UI) for diabetes patients with embedded control systems for an artificial pancreas (AP)  – Rick Mott, Eastern Kentucky University
15-min break
12:00PM-1:15PM Lunch
15-min break
1:30PM-2:45PM Session D + SRC Presentations

  • Content Strategy
    • Content Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations: Designing Communication with an Integrative Framework – Ja’La Wourman, Michigan State University
    • A Prototype Theory for Content Strategy Education: Training Content Strategists Within the Academy – Guiseppe Getto, East Carolina University
    • Developing a Content Strategy Course and Interdisciplinary Skills – Jordan Frith and Vincent Robles, University of North Texas
15-min break
3:00PM-4:15PM Session E

  • Patient Experience Design
    • Beyond User Experience (UX): The Ethical Exigency of Patient Experience Design (PXD) and its Community-Based Contexts of Use – Kristin Bivens, Harold Washington College and Lisa Meloncon, University of South Florida
  • Mapping Practices
    • Arguing for the Environment and Using the ArcGIS Story Map in Technical Communication – Rachel Wolford, Texas Tech University
    • Story Mapping and Sea Level Rise: Bringing a Global Risk Home – Sonia H. Stephens, University of Central Florida and Daniel P. Richards, Old Dominion University
    • Using Experience Maps to Consider Individual Stories – Jennifer Ismirle, Michigan State University
15-min break
4:30PM-5:45PM Session F

  • Transforming Pedagogy through UX
    • Teaching User-Experience at a Hispanic Serving Institution – Victor Del Hierro, University of Texas at El Paso
    • Leveraging Digital Humanities Practices to Teach Structured Authoring in Technical and Professional Communication – Antonio Ceraso and Lisa Dush, DePaul University
    • Usability Testing as Reflective and Formative Training – Joseph Bartolotta, Hofstra University and Tiffany Bourelle and Julie Newmark, University of New Mexico
    • From Gatekeeper to Supportive Expert: The Unique Implications of the iFixit Service Learning Project on the Instructor-Student Relationship – Jeannie Bennett, Texas Tech University
  • Bodies, Wearables, and Self-tracking
    • Combining User Experience Design, Technical Communication and Virtual Reality: Developing An Emulsion Framework For Wearable UX in Mixed Media – Gustav Verhulsdonck, Central Michigan University
    • Communication and Information Management Issues in the Integration of Self-tracking Practices into Household and Workplace Contexts – Jo Ann Oravec, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    • Rethinking Users: UX Design for Posthuman Cyborgs – Daniel Hocutt, Old Dominion University
45-min break Participatory Engaged Listening Session: The future of SIGDOC (session 1 of 2 optional sessions)
6:30PM Depart for optional excursions to Lakefront Brewery for a brewery tour or the Wisconsin State Fair (additional charge for both excursions to cover entry fees and transportation; please RSVP for one when you register for SIGDOC. Please note: If you are attending State Fair, bring cash—not all vendors accept credit cards to avoid paying a surcharge and to keep prices lower.) (Map)

Sunday, August 5, 2018

9:00AM-10:15AM Session G

  • Social Justice in UX
    • Social justice in UX: Centering different audiences in design – Emma Rose, University of Washington; Avery Edenfield and Rebecca Walton, Utah State University;  Laura Gonzales and Tetyana Zhvotovska, University of Texas at El Paso; Ann Shivers McNair, University of Arizona; Natasha Jones, University of Central Florida; Genevieve Garcia de Mueller, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley; and Kristen Moore, University at Buffalo-SUNY
15-min break
10:30AM-11:45AM Session H

  • Data Visualization
    • Rhetorically Defining ‘Information’ for Interfacing: From Transport to Wayfaring Paradigms – Patrick Love, Purdue University
    • Interpretations of Deceptive Data Visualizations Paired with Explanatory Text – Shaun O’Brien, Arizona State University
    • Discrepancies between Imagined and Experienced Agency in Interactive Risk Visualizations – Katherine J. Hepworth, University of Nevada-Reno and Daniel P. Richards, Old Dominion University
  • UX Approaches in Non-traditional Contexts
    • Creating an Experience Architecture for the International Fan Scholar Website – Liza Potts, Stephanie Mahnke and Rebekah Small, Michigan State University
    • UX Approaches for Museum Contexts: Evaluating a museum’s participatory elements – Jessica Gibbons and Larissa Babak, Michigan State University
    • Games, UX, and the Gaps: Technical Communication Practices in an Amateur Game Design Community – Alisha Karabinus and Rachel Atherton, Purdue University
15-min break
12:00PM-1:15PM Participatory Engaged Listening Session: The future of SIGDOC (session 2 of 2 optional sessions)