August 3-5, 2018
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Keynote Speaker: Ken Cook from Ken Cook Co

Keynote speaker Saturday August 04, 9:00 – 10:15AM

Future Development, Management and Delivery of Technical Information to Enhance User Experience

There are new authoring and illustration tools for development. Discussion of in-process collaborative authoring and future push toward animations and visual content that could only be delivered by mobile or digital means. Project management and content management systems track the work effort plus retain a legacy of the documents. Delivery is going digital, mobile apps and innovative interactive devices. We will look into the trends and challenges as technology in each area evolves.

Ken Cook, Ken Cook Co. will share his experience and vision.


About Ken Cook

Ken Cook is president, CEO and Chairman of Ken Cook Co., a leading technical communication business with a staff of 60 professionals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ken has more than 50 years experience in the technical communications field as a writer, editor, executive and consultant.

A fellow and past president of the Society for Technical Communication, Ken Continues to serve STC as member of the senior advisory council and received the Society Presidents Award in 2014. At the local chapter level, Ken was a mentor for several entry technical communicators and was recognized with the Distinguished Service Award.

Ken serves on advisory councils on technical communication degree programs at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Pennsylvania College of Technology.

He holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and a MBE degree in Business Economics from Claremont Graduate University (Drucker School of Management)