SIGDOC ’16- Proceedings of the 34th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication

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SESSION: Research Papers

Using iPad for 3D Scanning, Design and Technical Documentation: A Perspective in Task-based Language Teaching

  • Debopriyo Roy

Globally Fit: Attending to International Users and Advancing a Sociotechnological Design Agenda for Wearable Technologies

  • Jason Chew Kit Tham

From Orlando to Russia: Cross-Cultural Communication through Gamemaking

  • Alla Kourova
  • Anastasia Salter
  • Irina Pidberejna
  • Rudy McDaniel

Arguing about design: A taxonomy of rhetorical strategies deployed by user experience practitioners

  • Emma Rose
  • Josh Tenenberg

Designing social networking apps on mobile devices: a participatory design experience with deaf students

  • Ricardo Pezzotti Schefer
  • Luciana A. Martinez Zaina

A Tool to Remotely Collect and Visualize Users’ Interactions with Web-Based Content

  • Robert B. Watson
  • Jan H. Spyridakis

Investigating Spheres of Influence in Communication Design: Comparing the Citation Practices of Research Faculty and Industry Leaders

  • Benjamin Lauren
  • Stacey Pigg
  • Lauren Brentnell
  • Howard Fooksman
  • Kristen Mapes

Use What You Choose: Applying Computational Methods to Genre Studies in Technical Communication

  • Brian Larson
  • William Hart-Davidson
  • Kenneth C. Walker
  • Douglas M. Walls
  • Ryan Omizo

User Experience in Social Justice Contexts

  • Douglas M. Walls

Smart Wearables or Dumb Wearables?: Understanding how Context Impacts the UX in Wrist Worn Interaction

  • Vivian Genaro Motti
  • Kelly Caine

Working beyond technical aspects: an approach for driving the usability inspection adding the perspective of user experience

  • Joelma Choma
  • Luciana A.M. Zaina
  • Tiago Silva da Silva

Sites of Experience Architecture: Methodology for Community Formation

  • Michael J. Salvo

User Activity in Context: Technical Communicators as Articulators of Google Analytics Data

  • Daniel L. Hocutt

Local languages, global networks: Mobile design for minority language users

  • Derek Lackaff
  • William J. Moner

mHEaL and mHealth in a Restricted Environment: Design and Usability of an Offline Mental Health Literacy App

  • Peter Cannon
  • Katie Walkup
  • Joshua M. Rea

Emerging Guidelines for Communicating with Animation in Mobile User Interfaces

  • Daniel Liddle

Designing an Agile Game for Technical Communication Classrooms

  • Matthew Beale

Usability and UX practices in small enterprises: lessons from a survey of the Brazilian context

  • André de Lima Salgado
  • Leandro A. Amaral
  • André Pimenta Freire
  • Renata Pontin M. Fortes

Evolving Heuristic Evaluation for multiple contexts and audiences: Perspectives from a mapping study

  • André de Lima Salgado
  • Sandra Souza Rodrigues
  • Renata Pontin M. Fortes

Design challenges for technical communicators

  • Jonatan Lundin
  • Carina Söderlund
  • Yvonne Eriksson

Talking about Online Safety: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Cybersecurity Learning Process of Online Labor Market Workers

  • Ruth Shillair

SESSION: Experience Reports

Designing our future students: Introducing User Experience to teens through a UCD charette

  • Emma Rose
  • Andrew Davidson
  • Elena Agapie
  • Kiley Sobel

A Communicability Evaluation of Facebook in Mobile Devices: A Case Study from the Perspective of Deaf Audience in Brazil

  • Ricardo Pezzotti Schefer
  • Luciana A. Martinez Zaina

The Trail Reporter Mobile Application: Methods for UX Research and Communication Design as Civic Agency

  • Jack Hennes
  • Kristi Wiley
  • Joshua B. Anderson

Structured drawing tasks support research ideation: A mentor-mentee report on iteration, invention, and collaboration

  • Abigail Selzer King
  • Ashley Hardage Edlin

Negotiating “Messy” Research Context and Design Through Adaptive Research Stances: Experience Report

  • Timothy R. Amidon
  • W. Michele Simmons

Measuring the Validity of Algorithms to Automatically Categorize Facebook Content

  • Sarah Beth Hopton
  • Mitch R. Parry

Ethical Information Flows: Working with/against the Healthcare Industry’s Fascination with Social Media

  • Dawn Opel

Undergraduate Social Entrepreneurship Education and Communication Design

  • Seán McCarthy
  • Audrey Barnes
  • Kevin Giovanetti
  • Fred Briggs
  • Patrice Ludwig
  • Kelsey Robinson
  • Nick Swayne

Helping Local Residents Make Informed Decisions with Interactive Risk Visualization Tools

  • Daniel P. Richards

Designing a Lab for Mobile User Experience Through NFC-tagged Documentation

  • Adam Strantz

Content Strategy Service-Learning Partnerships with Nonprofit Organizations: A Guiding Heuristic and Overview of Deliverables

  • Lisa Dush
  • Guiseppe Getto
  • Suzan Flanagan
  • R. J. Thompson

Eyes on the Go: Using Eye Tracking to Understand How Mobile Users Consume Online Content

  • Andrew Schall


Bridging the Complex Contexts of Care in Medical Usability

  • Elizabeth L. Angeli
  • John Jones
  • Catherine Gouge
  • Lisa Meloncon
  • Christina D. Norwood
  • Mariah Crilley
  • Kirk St.Amant
  • Candice A. Welhausen

Incorporating Component Content Management and Content Strategy into Technical Communication Curricula

  • Tatiana Batova
  • Rebekka Andersen
  • Carlos Evia
  • Matthew R. Sharp
  • John Stewart

CCID: Articulating a Design-Thinking Center for Multimodal Communication

  • William J. Macauley, Jr.
  • Katherine Hepworth
  • Chris Mays

POSTER SESSION: Poster Abstracts

Online Communication of Obstetric Hospital Websites: Analyzing Presence and Absence to Rethink Audience

  • Norma Smith

Content Strategy in University Admissions

  • Kyle Crocco

Editing for effective grant proposals: Results of coding editor comments

  • Sarah K. Robblee

Notation System for Rapid Usability Testing

  • Liza Potts
  • Minh-Tam Nguyen
  • Heather Turner

Plato: UX Prototyping for Platonic Friendship

  • Rachael Burke
  • Jose Calvo
  • Mana Momen
  • Ungela Syed-Egan

From seeing to hearing: Lessons learned from a research-based design project focused upon audio description, print-to-acoustic remediation, and mobile-app delivery

  • Brett Oppegaard
  • Thomas Conway
  • Megan Conway

Tracing Disciplinary Networks, Visualizing Futures: Analyzing Four Decades of Technical Communication Scholarship through Bibliometric Displays

  • Jack Hennes

Visualizing workflows in a growing research center

  • Heather Noel Turner
  • Liza Potts
  • Minh-Tam Nguyen

Take caution before using the contents of this report out of context: Mapping the use of research on controversial topics

  • Joanna Schreiber
  • Melissa Carrion

The Multiperspectival Rhetorical Situation as a Method for Rhetorical Analysis and Communication Development

  • Rachael Graham Lussos

A User Experience Study of Annual Activity Reports: Bridging Context and (In)visible Technoservice Work of Technical Communication Faculty

  • Patricia Sullivan
  • W. Michele Simmons

A Qualitative Content Analysis of 19,000 Medieval Studies Conference Tweets

  • Kristen Mapes

POSTER SESSION: Student Research Competition Poster Abstracts

Commercial Proposal Collaborative Writing Practices

  • Arthur Berger

A Classroom Study of Supporting Collaborative Information Analysis using Advanced Technology

  • Dong Chen

Participatory Museums: The User Experience of Creative Agents

  • Erin Campbell

Design, Communication, and Writing: Interdisciplinary Integration for First Year Technology Students

  • Amelia Chesley
  • Nathan Mentzer
  • Dawn Laux

Providing students with context for professional communication: Experience report of multimedia case study creation

  • Derek Hanson

Ethics of Activist Design: Designing a Technical Communication Pedagogy Grounded in Civic Engagement Activism

  • Liz Lane

Assessing Conceptions of the Youth User in UX Design

  • Jennifer Pierre

Teaching Documentation through 3D Printing and Instructables

  • John T. Sherrill

Are You Ready for Me Now?: Mobile Communication Design for Emergency Department Team Availability

  • Vickie Nguyen