Conference Schedule

NOTE: Poster presentations (non-SRC) are displayed 8-5pm on Friday & Saturday in the Hickory Room


Thursday September 22

5-7pm: SIGDOC Happy Hour in the Mica Lounge

Friday September 23

8-9am: Student Research Competition Coffee Social in the Magnolia Room


9:00-11:00: Workshops

  • Research Network Forum. [Persimmon 1]
  • Workshop 1: Draw to communicate: How geometric shapes, blank pages, and crayons can improve your collaboration and creativity. [Magnolia]
    • Abigail Selzer, Texas Tech University
    • Kristen R. Moore, Texas Tech University
    • Ashley Hardage, Texas Tech University

  • Workshop 2: Remote usability for cross-functional teams. [Cedar]
    • Guiseppe Getto, East Carolina University
    • Suzan Flanagan, East Carolina University

11:15-12:30: Rigo Award Presentation and Keynote

  • Opening remarks and Rigo Award presentation – Claire Lauer, SIGDOC Chair
  • Lunch & Keynote Speaker: Jan Spyridakis, University of Washington [Magnolia]

12:45-2:00: Session 1

  • Session 1A [Magnolia] Practitioners: Learning about online safety: Exploring the cyber-security learning processes of online labor market workers
    • Ruth Shillair, Michigan State University

    Measuring the validity of an algorithm that automatically categorizes Facebook content

    • Sarah Beth Hopton, Appalachian State University
    • Mitch Parry, Appalachian State University

    Negotiating ‘messy’ research context and design through adaptive research stances: Experience report

    • Timothy R. Amidon, Colorado State University
    • Michele Simmons, Miami University

    “Use what you choose”: Applying computational methods to genre studies in technical communication and web application development

    • Brian Larson, Georgia Tech University
    • Bill Hart-Davidson, Michigan State University
    • Kenneth Walker, University of Texas at San Antonio
    • Douglas M. Walls, North Carolina State University
    • Ryan Omizo, University of Rhode Island


  • Session 1B [Persimmon 1] Pedagogy: Designing our future students: Introducing user experience to teens through a UCD charrette
    • Emma J. Rose, University of Washington-Tacoma
    • Andrew Davidson, University of Washington
    • Elena Agapie, University of Washington
    • Kiley Sobel, University of Washington

    Undergraduate social entrepreneurship education and communication design

    • Sean McCarthy, James Madison University
    • Audrey Barnes, James Madison University
    • Kevin Giovanetti, James Madison University
    • Fred Briggs, Aerotech LLC
    • Patrice Ludwig, James Madison University
    • Kelsey Robinson, James Madison University
    • Nick Swayne, James Madison University

    Using iPad for 3D scanning, design, and technical documentation: A perspective in task-based language teaching

    • Debopriyo Roy, University of Aizu


  • Session 1C [Cedar] Culture & design: From Orlando to Russia: Cross-cultural communication through gamemaking
    • Alla Kourova, University of Central Florida
    • Anastasia Salter, University of Central Florida
    • Irina Pidberejna, University of Central Florida
    • Rudy McDaniel, University of Central Florida

    Mobile design for minority languages in the age of Snapchat

    • Derek Lackaff: Elon University
    • William J. Moner, Elon Unviersity

    Globally fit: Attending to international users and advancing a sociotechnical design agenda for wearable technologies

    • Jason Chew Kit Tham: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

    Designing social networking apps on mobile devices: A participatory design experience with deaf students

    • Ricardo Pezzotti Schefer, Federal University of Sao Carlos
    • Luciana A. Martinez Zaina, Federal University of Sao Carlos

2:00-2:15: Break [Cedar]

2:15-3:30: Session 2

  • Session 2A [Magnolia] Practitioner strategies: CCID: Articulating a design-thinking center for multimodal communication
    • William J. Macauley, Jr., University of Nevada-Reno
    • Katherine Hepworth, University of Nevada-Reno
    • Chris Mays, University of Nevada-Reno


  • Session 2B [Persimmon 1] Pedagogy: Incorporating component content management and content strategy into technical communication curricula
    • Tatiana Batova, Arizona State University
    • Rebekka Andersen, University of California, Davis
    • Carlos Evia, Virginia Tech
    • Matthew R. Sharp, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    • John Stewart, University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee


  • Session 2C [Cedar] UX & communities: User experience in social justice contexts
    • Douglas M. Walls, North Carolina State

    Content strategy service-learning partnerships with nonprofit organizations: A guiding heuristic and overview of deliverables

    • Lisa Dush, DePaul University
    • Guiseppe Getto, East Carolina University
    • Suzan Flanagan, East Carolina University
    • RJ Thompson, Youngstown State University

    Helping local residents make informed decisions with interactive risk visualization tools

    • Daniel Richards, Old Dominion University

    The Trail Reporter mobile application: Methods for UX research and communication design as civic agency

    • Jack Hennes, Michigan State University
    • Kristi Wiley, Michigan State University
    • Joshua B. Anderson, Michigan State University

3:30-3:45: Break

3:45-5:00: Student Research Competition Poster sessions [Magnolia]

5:00-6:15: Dinner on your own

6:30-9:30: Moonlight Trolley Tour of DC (see registration desk for tickets)


Saturday September 24

7:45-9am: Women in Tech Comm Breakfast in the Cypress Ballroom


9:00-10:15: Session 3

  • Session 3A [Cedar] Practitioner strategies: Arguing about design: A taxonomy of rhetorical strategies deployed by user experience practitioners
    • Emma J. Rose, University of Washington-Tacoma
    • Josh Tenenberg, Univesrity of Washington-Tacoma

    A tool to remotely collect and visualize users’ interactions with web-based content

    • Robert B. Watson, University of Washington
    • Jan H. Spyridakis, University of Washington

    User activity in context: Technical communicators as articulators of Google Analytics data

    • Daniel L. Hocutt, University of Richmond

    Designing an Agile game for technical communication classrooms

    • Matthew Beale, Old Dominion University


  • Session 3B [Persimmon 1] Lessons in context: Usability and UX practices in small enterprises: Lessons from a survey of Brazilian context
    • Andre de Lima Salgado, University of Sao Paulo, ICMC
    • Leandro A. Amaral, University of Sao Paulo, ICMC
    • Andre Pimenta Freire, Federal University of Lavras
    • Renata Pontin M. Fortes, University of Sao Paulo, ICMC

    Working beyond technical aspects: An approach for driving the usability inspection perspective of user experience

    • Joelma Choma, UFSCar-Campus Sorocaba
    • Luciana A. M. Zaina, UFSCar-Campus Sorocaba
    • Tiago Silva da Silva, Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo

    Investigating spheres of influence in communication design: Comparing the citation practices of research faculty and industry leaders

    • Benjamin Lauren, Michigan State University
    • Stacey Pigg, North Carolina State University
    • Lauren Bretnell, Michigan State University
    • Howard Fooksman, Michigan State University
    • Kristen Mapes, Michigan State University

    Structured drawing tasks support research ideation: A mentor-mentee report on iteration, invention, and collaboration

    • Abigail Selzer King, Texas Tech University
    • Ashley Hardage Edlin, Texas Tech University


  • Session 3C [Persimmon 2] UX & health care: Bridging the complex contexts of care in medical usability
    • Elizabeth L. Angeli, Marquette University
    • John Jones, West Virginia University
    • Catherine Gouge, West Virginia University
    • Lisa Meloncon, University of Cincinnati
    • Christina D. Norwood, ICF International
    • Mariah Crilley, West Virginia University
    • Candice A. Welhausen, University of Delaware

10:15-10:30: Coffee break [Cedar] 

10:30-11:30: Keynote: Richard Forno, Director of University of Maryland, Baltimore County Center for Cybersecurity [Cedar]

11:30—11:55 Pre-order lunch for pick up from Mica Lounge (pre-order forms are in your folder and at the registration table) to bring to Brown Bag Lunch Discussion

12:00-12:45:  Bring lunch to Brown Bag lunch discussion with Ginny Redish [Cypress]

1:00-2:00: Ignites and SRC

  • Ignite Talks [Cedar]
    • Laura Gonzalez, University of Texas-El Paso
    • Charlotte Hyde, Kansas State University
    • Michael Trice, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Joseph V Torok, Wayne State University
    • Samantha Blackmon, Purdue University
  • Graduate SRC competition presentation finalists [Persimmon 1]
  • Undergraduate SRC competition presentation finalists [Persimmon 2]

2:00-2:15: Break [Cedar]

2:15- 3:30: Session 4

  • Session 4A [Cedar] Practitioners & research: Design challenges for technical communicators [Engineering information seeking processes]
    • Jonatan Lundin, Malarden University
    • Carina Soderlund, Malarden University
    • Yvonne Eriksson, Malarden University

    Eyes on the go: Using eye tracking to understand how mobile users consume online content

    • Andrew Schall, Key Lime Interactive

    A communicability evaluation of Facebook in mobile devices: A case study from the perspective of deaf audience in Brazil

    • Ricardo Pezzotti Schefer, Federal University of Sao Carlos
    • Luciana A. M. Martinez Zaina, Federal University of Sao Carlos


  • Session 4B [Persimmon 1] Researching and writing your community: Designing a lab for mobile user experience through NFC-tagged documentation
    • Adam Strantz, Miami University

    Emerging guidelines for communicating with animation in mobile user interfaces

    • Daniel Liddle, Purdue University

    Sites of experience architecture: Methodology for community formation

    • Michael J. Salvo, Purdue University

    Evolving heuristic evaluation for multiple contexts and audiences

    • Andre de Lima Salgado, University of Sao Paulo, ICMC
    • Sandra Souza Rodrigues, University of Sao Paulo, ICMC
    • Renata Pontin M. Fortes, University of Sao Paulo, ICMC


  • Session 4C [Persimmon 2] UX & Health data: Ethical information flows: Working with/against the healthcare industry’s fascination with social media
    • Dawn Opel, Michigan State University

    mHEAL and mHealth in a restricted environment: Design and usability of an offline mental health literacy app

    • Peter Cannon, University of South Florida
    • Katie Walkup, University of South Florida
    • Joshua M. Rea, University of South Florida

    Smart Wearables or dumb wearables? Understanding how context impacts the UX in wrist worn interaction

    • Vivian Genaro Motti, George Mason University
    • Kelly Caine, Clemson University

3:30-4:00: Closing Remarks and Student Research Competition Awards Ceremony [Cedar]

  • SRC Awards: Undergraduate and Graduate – Stephanie Vie, SRC Chair
  • Closing remarks: Claire Lauer, SIGDOC Chair
  • Preview of SIGDOC ‘17 in Halifax, NS, August 11-13, 2017