Each year, SIGDOC conducts a competition for the “Best Graduate Student” submission. The award consists of subsidized participation at the SIGDOC conference and opportunity to publish your work.

Graduate students in fields related to the design of communication are invited to submit proposals for consideration by the Graduate Competition Chair for each conference. The proposals should describe empirical research or research-supported theory in one of following pressing areas of study:

  • Audience and Task Analysis
  • Implications of New Types and Processes of Documentation
  • Visual Rhetoric and Design
  • Communication Technologies
  • Usability
  • International and Cross-cultural issues relevant to the design of communication
  • Emerging Professional and Organizational Roles
  • The Social, Cultural and Political Context of Technology Transfer
  • Collaboration and Team-Based Projects
  • Research on Research: Crossing Disciplines and Models of Inquiry

To enter the competition, submit a 1000-word description of your paper, clearly highlighting your problem and thesis. Discuss your main points, the evidence that you will use to support your claims, and the significance of your claims for the field.