Social Media Information

On Twitter: @sigdoc

Hashtags: #SIGDOC2021 or #SIGDOC21

  • If your session has its own hashtag, please announce it at the start of the session. Otherwise, session hashtags should look like #SD19A1 for SIGDOC 2021 Session A1.
  • If you are inclined to share your Twitter handle for discussion during your talk, please list handles with your name early in the slide deck.

Live Tweet as you interact with the conference!

  • Use the conference hashtags #SIGDOC2021 or #SIGDOC21
  • Tweet good questions, takeaways, or specific moments that may be represented in visual or textual summaries
  • Be sure to obtain permission for tweeting the likeness of those involved in your posts, including images/photos/screenshots and videos
  • Be respectful, kind, and generous


  • Feel free to tag the SIGDOC page for posts related to the conference. We understand that some conference goers may prefer the more moderated conversation space that Facebook offers.
  • You can also watch the SIGDOC Facebook page for announcements

How to Ask Questions