10 Reasons to Attend SIGDOC 2020

Top 10 reasons to attend SIGDOC 2020 on an image of The University of North Texas

  1. SIGDOC + CPTSC located together. These two great conferences are co-locating in Denton, Texas next October. Send in proposals to both and make your travel funds go twice as far!
  2. Kind and helpful reviewers. The conference reviewers are invested in helping you improve and publish your work. You will get specific, kind, and concrete feedback on your submissions.
  3. Innovative research and awards. SIGDOC presenters share cutting edge research on communication design, professional and technical communication, and user experience. Each year, the conference awards a Best Paper Award to the strongest paper and also the Rigo or Diana Award to recognize excellence in the field.
  4. Publication in the SIGDOC Proceedings. SIGDOC publishes groundbreaking research on communication design, professional and technical communication, and user experience. The proceedings are hosted in the ACM Digital Library which helps expand the reach of your research to many others associated with ACM. SIGDOC papers are often highly cited by scholars in and outside of our field.
  5. Retain your publishing rights. Papers published in the proceedings are subject to ACM’s copyright policy, which allows you to retain the rights of your work and you can create a major revision (defined as more than 25% new material) and publish the work elsewhere.
  6. Hands-on workshops on cutting edge topics. Each year, the SIGDOC conference kicks off with hands-on workshops on major tools and practices. In recent years, our workshops have covered developing accessible presentations, participatory design of user personas, and effective data visualization.
  7. Welcoming social events. A big part of the conference is getting to know other attendees and meet new and old friends from around the world. In the past this has included brewery tours, walking tours, and sightseeing excursions.
  8. Inclusive and responsive organization. We strive to provide an accessible event with a clear code of conduct and provide a space where all attendees feel welcome and included.
  9. Student Research Competition (SRC). Sponsored by Microsoft, the SRC provides funding and awards for cutting edge student research for both graduate and undergraduate students. Proposals for the SRC are due April 24, 2020.
  10. Denton, Texas. Located about an hour from Dallas-Fort Worth, Denton is a hub of innovative UX and design professionals. Check out one of the many local meetups, and look forward to networking with local industry professionals.