August 3-5, 2018
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

SIGDOC ’18- Proceedings of the 36th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication

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Session: Research Papers

Rhetorically Defining ‘Information’ For Designers and Technical Communicators: Transport, Institutional Shift, and Usability
Patrick Love

Games, UX, and the Gaps: Technical Communication Practices in an Amateur Game Design Community
Alisha Karabinus, Rachel Atherton

Tactics for Connecting Entrepreneurship and Technical Communication through Community Engagement: Experience Report
Carrie Grant

Teaching Information Design that Emphasizes Data: Revisiting Professional Writing Outcomes and Assignments
Stacey Pigg, Missy Hannah, Melissa Stone

Increasing the Value and Accessibility of Academic Research: Perspectives from Industry
Rebekka Andersen, JoAnn Hackos

Usability for User Empowerment: Promoting Social Justice and Human Rights through Localized UX Design
Keshab R. Acharya

Testing the Susceptibility of Users to Deceptive Data Visualizations When Paired with Explanatory Text
Shaun O’Brien, Claire Lauer

A Geographic and Disciplinary Examination of UX Empirical Research Since 2000
Joy Robinson, Candice Lanius

Incorporating AR into a Multimodal UI for an Artificial Pancreas: The interdisciplinary nature of integrating augmented reality (AR),
sound, and touch into a user interface (UI) for diabetes patients with embedded control systems for an artificial pancreas (AP)
Rick Mott

Session: Experience Reports

From Gatekeeper to Supportive Expert: The Unique Implications of the iFixit Service Learning Project on the Instructor-Student Relationship
Jeannie G. Bennett

Developing a Content Strategy Course and Interdisciplinary Skills: A Teaching Case
Vincent D. Robles, Jordan Frith

UX Approaches for Museum Contexts: Evaluating a Museum’s Participatory Elements
Larissa Babak, Jessica Gibbons

Student-designed Texts and Classroom Mediation: A UX Analysis of Clinical Nursing Simulations
Lillian Campbell

Designing an Experience Architecture for the International Fan Scholar Website
Liza Potts, Stephanie Mahnke, Rebekah Small

Human-centered Service-learning in the Online Environment
B. McCrigler, M. Rippens

A Prototype Theory for Content Strategy Education: Training Content Strategists Within the Academy
G. Getto

Iteration for Impact: Exploring Design Thinking & Designing for Social Change in Client Projects
Liz Lane

Using Experience Maps to Consider Individual Stories
Jennifer Ismirle

Usability testing with teens: Adapting human-centered design and UX methods
Emma J. Rose, Elin A. Björling, Ada Kim, Nicole Young Alvarez

Enriching Technical Communication Education: Collaborating Across Disciplines and Cultures to Develop the piClinic Console
Robert B. Watson

Panel Session: Panels

Social Justice in UX: Centering Marginalized Users
Emma J. Rose, Avery Edenfield, Rebecca Walton, Laura Gonzales, Ann Shivers McNair, Tetyana Zhvotovska, Natasha Jones, Genevieve I. Garcia de Mueller, Kristen Moore

Poster Session: Poster Abstracts

Bugs and Emotion: A Content Analysis of Quality Assurance Player Feedback
Luke Thominet

Agency Visualized: Connecting Relational Network Modeling and Communication Design
Danielle DeVasto

ATLAS: A Framework for Geospatial Visualization
Nathan Matteson, Dalavone Keoborakot, Madeline Grodek, Camille Celone

Poster Session: Student Research Competition Poster Abstracts

Learning from Making: A Design Challenge in Technical Writing and Communication
Jason Chew Kit Tham

Constructing Artificial Intelligence in Newspaper: A Cross-Cultural Analysis in the U.S. and China
Yeqing Kong

Responsive Data Visualization: the National Weather Service and the Representation of Risk
Samantha Cosgrove

Bolstering Global Image: A Website-based Comparison of Corporate Introductions between Chinese and American Public Companies
Jianfen Chen

Mods and Convergence Culture: Connecting character creation, user interface, and participatory design
Rebekah Small

Cross-disciplinary Material in Classroom Learning
Tyler W. Black

Actions and Strategies: A Verbal Data Analysis of Phishing Emails
David Mueller

A Localization Theory: User Experience Research in the U.S. and Canada
Tara Lynn O’Brien

Examining Instructor Feedback in Professional and Technical Communication Service Courses
Sara Doan