August 11-13, 2017
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


The 2017 SIGDOC Conference will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Below is the conference schedule. A complete conference program will be posted a few days before the conference.

Download the complete 2017 SIGDOC Program (PDF)

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Thursday, August 10, 2017


SIGDOC Board Meeting & Dinner
@Executive Boardroom Atlantica

Friday, August 11, 2017

5:00 -7:00

Registration Area
@Rowe Atrium


Research Network
@Rowe, Room 1020

Workshop – Content Auditing: How to Improve Your Organization’s Most Valuable Asset
Guiseppe Getto, Eastern Carolina University & Suzan Flanagan, Eastern Carolina University
@Rowe, Room 1007

Workshop: – Social Media Data Mining for Communication Research
Aaron Beveridge, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
@Rowe, Room 1014


Workshop: – Preparing Students to be Leaders and Innovators in Technical Communication
Carlos Evia, Virginia Tech & Rebekka Andersen, University of California, Davis
@Rowe, Room 1020


Coffee Social – Come Meet the SRC Participants!
@Rowe Atrium

Adobe Table
Adobe representative, Bernard Aschwanden, will be available to answer questions about Adobe Technical Communication Suite.
@Rowe Atrium

Editors Table
Editors of Communication Design Quarterly and the ATTW Book Series will be available to answer questions about submissions and projects.
@Rowe Atrium


SRC Poster Sessions, Sponsored by Microsoft
Chris Dayley, Utah State University, Graduate
Jennifer Pierre, UCLA, Graduate
John Fallon, University of Massachusetts @ Amherst, Graduate
Daniel Riechers, Texas Tech, Graduate
Muhammed Khan, Dalhousie, Graduate
Jennifer Ismirle, Michigan State, Graduate
Shaun O’Brien, Arizona State University, Graduate
Suzan Flanagan, East Carolina University, Graduate
Allegra Smith, Purdue, Graduate
Megan Smith, Purdue, Undergraduate
Alexis Scott, Georgia Tech, Undergraduate
Jenny Yao and Hannah Wei, MIT, Undergraduate
@Rowe Atrium


Happy Hour
@Seasons Lounge, Atlantica

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Registration Area
@Common Foyer, Atlantica


Opening Remarks & Keynote Breakfast
Evolving Conceptions of Users in Communication Design
Featuring Dr. Karen Schriver, President of KSA Communication Design & Research, 2017 Rigo Award Winner
@Atlantica Commons


Registration Area
@Rowe Atrium


Session 1A: Content Development Practices & Technologies
@Rowe, Room 1009

Claire Lauer and Eva Brumberger: Content Development as Multimodal Editing in the Web 2.0 Workplace
Emily Manwaring:Using Lightweight in-app Messaging Solutions for Embedded Assistance
Carlos Evia: Authoring Standards-Based Intelligent Content the Easy Way with Lightweight DITA

Session 1B: Computer-mediated & Digital Communication
@Rowe, Room 1014

Rachael Burke and Jacob Broderick: Navigating the Gig: Rideshare Drivers and Mobile Technologies in Context
Daniel Hocutt: The Complex Example of Online Search: Studying Emergent Agency in Digital Environment
Michelle Trim: Increasing Ethical Awareness in Software Developers Using Audience-based Writing

Session 1C: User Experience
@Rowe, Room 1007

Emma Rose and Elin Björling: Designing for Engagement: Using Participatory Design to Develop a Social Robot to Measure Teen Stress
Sonia Stephens: Designer Perceptions of User Agency in Environmental Risk Visualization Tool Development
Milena Lopes and Carl Vogel: Women’s Perspective on Using Tinder: A User Study of Gender Dynamics in a Mobile Device Application


Lunch (on your own)

12:45 -2:45

Adobe Table
Adobe representative, Bernard Aschwanden, will be available to answer questions about Adobe Technical Communication Suite
@Rowe Atrium


Editors Table
Editors of Communication Design Quarterly, Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, and the ATTW Book Series will be available to answer questions about submissions and projects.
@Rowe Atrium


Session 2A: Project Management
@Rowe, Room 1014

Liza Potts and Victor Del Hierro: From Concept to Completion: Building a Digital Book
Amelia Chesley: Users as Makers: User Experience Design for and by the Crowd
Sarah Gunning: Testing Methods of Promoting Critical Listening Skills in the Service Learning Classroom: An Experience Report

Session 2B: Learning Systems & Environments
@Rowe, Room 1007

Stacey Pigg, Benjamin Lauren and Elizabeth Keller: Designing Learning Experiences for Early-Career Knowledge Workers
Carlos Costa, Manuela Aparicio, Joao Aparicio and Sofia Aparicio: Gamification Usage Ecology
Andrew Mara: Leveraging UX Research Method Shifts to Uncover Guiding User Metaphors

Session 2C: Ability, Accessibility & Technical Communication
@Rowe, Room 1009

Emily January Petersen and Breeanne Matheson: Following the Research Internationally: What We Learned about Communication Design and Ethics in India
Guilherme M. A. Ramos, Raíza Hanada, Maria Da Graça Pimentel and Cesar A. C. Teixeira: A Word-prediction Eye-typing Approach for Brazilian Portuguese Entries Using Geometric Movements

Session 2D: Faculty & Industry Poster Session
@Rowe Atrium

Ryan Omizo and William Hart-Davidson: The Cycletron: An Experiment in the Topological Visualization of Text
Sookyung Cho, Alexander Frost, Michael Providenti and Deborah Reichler: Visualizing Usability Testing Video Data
Brett Oppegaard, Thomas Conway and Megan Conway: To Bracket or Not Bracket: Experiments in Gamification in the Wilds of Technical Communication
Maha Aljohani, James Blustein and Kirstie Hawkey: Participatory Design Research to Understand the Legal and Technological Perspectives in Designing Health Information Technology
Josephine Walwema: Genre Ecologies in the Technical and Professional Communication of GiveDirectly’s Workplace Model


Coffee Break
@Rowe Atrium


Data Communication for Data Scientists and Designers
Katherine Hepworth, University of Nevada-Reno, & Claire Lauer, Arizona State University
@Rowe, Room 1020


Session 3A: Pedagogical Approaches to UX and Design
@Rowe, Room 1014

Brian Ballentine: Recycling Methods: The Value of Replicated Research in the Classroom
Tharon Howard: Communicating with Real Clients through User Story Maps
Kirk St.Amant: Mapping the Variables of Care in Health and Medical Communication Contexts: A Script Theory-Prototype Theory Approach to Patient-Centered Design

Session 3B: Partnerships in Technical Communication & Design
@Rowe, Room 1009

Guiseppe Getto: Helping Communication: What Non-Profits Need From Content Strategists
Brittany McCrigler: Learn by Doing…It Wrong: Lessons from Seven Years of Industry-led Service Learning
Deborah Andrews and Dustyn Roberts: Academic Maker spaces: Contexts for Research on Interdisciplinary Collaborative Communication


SRC Finalists

Undergraduates – @Rowe, Room 1007
Graduates – @Rowe, Room 1009


Meet at Stubborn Goat, Waterfront, 1599 Lower Water Street for food and drinks on your own before the cruise.


Harbour Hopper Excursion

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Registration Area
@Commons Foyer, Atlantica


Women in Technical Communication Breakfast
@Atlantica Commons


Keynote & SRC Awards
New Frontiers in Design: Interaction Technologies, Forms of Content, and Diversity of Use
Featuring Karel Vredenburg, Director of Design, IBM
@Atlantica Commons


Session 4A: Featured Panel: Usability in Communication Design
@Rowe, Room 1020

Tim Amidon, Colorado State University
Lora Arduser, University of Cincinnati
Catherine Gouge, West Virginia University
Les Hutchinson, Michigan State University
John Jones, West Virginia University
Natasha Jones, University of Central Florida
Krista Kennedy, Syracuse University
Tiffany Lipsey, Colorado State University
Kristen Moore, Texas Tech University
Maria Novotny, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Candice Welhausen, Auburn University
Examining Usability in the Communication Design of Health Wearables

Session 4B: Featured Panel: Content and UX Design
@Rowe, Room 1009

Stanley Doherty, Manager of Technical Publications at SimpliVity Corporation
JoAnn T. Hackos, Author, Speaker, Advisor
Emily Manwaring, Information Architect at Imagine Learning
Jamie Roberts, IBM Knowledge Center Portfolio Manager
Keith Schengili-Roberts, Market Researcher and DITA Evangelist at IXIASOFT
Trends in Content and User Experience Design

Lunch (on your own)


Ignite Talks
@Rowe, Room 1020

Tim Amidon – Brightness Behind the Eyes: Why Class Matters in Communication Design
Daniel Richards – Oooh Neat, I Won’t Survive!’ and Other Possible Public Reactions to Online Interactive Risk Visualizations
Emma Rose – Yes, UX is Technical Communication… And Other Things We Still Have to Explain
JoAnn Hackos – Social Media Brings Information Users Closer Than Ever
Tina Eliassi-Rad – A Computer Scientist, a Physicist, and a Social Scientist Walk into a Bar …


Coffee Break
@Rowe Atrium


Session 5A: Digital Humanities & User Centered Design
@Rowe, Room 1020

Katherine Hepworth: Teaching User Centered Design and Content Through Image Tweets: A Social Constructivist Approach
Luke Thominet: Tracing Player Experience: A Content Analysis of Player Feedback Tickets
Ryan Omizo and William Hart-Davidson: Digging Text Viz: An Archaeological Review of ACM Digital Library Text Visualizations Publications (1991-2003)


Session 5B: Content Design & Information Architecture
@Rowe, Room 1009

Daniel Richards: The Challenges of Exploring Local Place as a Context of Use in the Study of Interactive Risk Visualizations
Isabelle Sperano: Content Audit for the Assessment of Digital Information Space: Definitions and Exploratory Typology
Sookyung Cho and Steve Weiss: Usability in Communication Design: Typographic influence on content judgment and subjective confidence

Session 5C: Collaborative Platforms
@Rowe, Room 1014

Stephen Carradini: Working Outside: A Problems-based Approach for Studying Musicians and Other Extra-institutional Individuals
John Sherrill: Gender, Technology, and Narratives in DIY Instructions
Stanley Doherty: Leveraging Industry Onboarding Materials in the Curriculum

Session 5D: User Experience
@Rowe, Room 1007

Ali Kazerani, Domenic Rosati and Brian Lesser: Usability of Bitcoin for Beginners
Shaun Johanssen, Binod Sundararajan and Paul Armstrong: Building an Historical GIS Platform from Archival Data: The creation of dynamic databases for visualization of historical GIS information
Emily Manwaring, Noelle Carter and Keith Maynard: Redesigning Educational Dashboards for Shifting User Contexts


Closing Remarks
@Rowe, Room 1020