SRC Participants

Tommy Truong
Eric Martin
Michigan State University Virtual Reality in Pedagogy
Leslie Simms University of Central Florida Balancing the Equation of Undergraduate Research: The Importance of Reading, Learning, and Presentation Stability in the Success of STEM Laboratories
Garrett Colón University of Central Florida Social Media in the Classroom: An Analysis of Current Practices in Pedagogy
Sophie Frankel Texas Tech University Transportation and Mapping in Chile Through Technical Communications
Danielle Ridenour University of Central Florida Privacy and Design: Social Network Systems and Online Support Groups
Erin Campbell Michigan State University Participatory Museums: The User Experience of Creative Agents
Jasmin Chavez Texas Tech University Undocumented Citizens & the Enactment of Texas Immigration Policies
Arthur Berger N.C. State University Commercial Proposal Collaborative Writing Practices
Dong Chen Pennsylvania State University A Classroom Study of Supporting Collaborative Information Analysis using Advanced Technology
John Sherrill Purdue University Teaching Documentation Through 3D Printing and Instructables
Agnieszka Krzeminska Leuphana University of Luneburg The imagined Self-tracker – the Role of Digital Technology for Self-Optimization
Jennifer Pierre University of California, Los Angeles Assessing Conceptions of the Youth User in UX Design
Amelia Chesley Purdue University Design, Communication, and Writing: Interdisciplinary Integration for First Year Technology Students
Liz Lane Purdue University Ethics of Activist Design: Designing a Technical Communication Pedagogy Grounded in Civic Engagement Activism
Clayton Benjamin University of Central Florida Conducting Place/Consulting Space: Psychogeography, Logic and Electronic Mapmaking
Chris Lindgren University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Understanding Big Data Processing as Designing Provisional Texts
Derek Hanson Iowa State University Providing Students with Context for Professional Communication: Experience Report of Multimedia Case Study Creation
Vickie Nguyen The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, School of Biomedical Informatics Are You Ready for Me Now?: Mobile Communication Design for Emergency Department Team Availability