Research Network @ SIGDOC 2015

The research network at SIGDOC 2015 will host roundtable discussions allowing conference participants a chance to share their research-in-progress in a supportive setting with colleagues from academia and industry who share their similar interests. The research network can help scholars plan their next research project, provide insight on methods and strategies, work through stalled projects, envision avenues for publication, and network with other researchers in the interdisciplinary fields that comprise communication design.

The network will take place from 10 am to noon on July 16, 2015 during the first day of the conference in Limerick, Ireland. We invite proposals to discuss research at any stage of completion—from conceptualization to publication—and the network is open to all registered conference participants.

Please submit a 100-200 word abstract to the link below by June 1, 2015. Please include with your abstract a title and areas of study/interest to assist with effective roundtable grouping at the conference.

Submission link:

If you are interested in serving as a roundtable leader, please indicate your interest by checking the appropriate box on the submissions page.