SIGDOC ’15- Proceedings of the 33rd Annual International Conference on the Design of Communication

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Intentionally recursive: a participatory model for mentoring

Patricia Sullivan, Michele Simmons, Kristen Moore, Lisa Meloncon, Liza Potts

SESSION: Abstracts

Portable pedagogy: how interaction design made us better teachers

Laura Gonzales, Rebecca Zantjer, Howard Fooksman

The resonance and residue of the first African American newspaper: how freedom’s journal created space in the early 19th century

Valerie Kasper

From connect-exchange to ConnectX: the (iterative) story of a mobile app

Elizabeth Oderkirk, Kimberly Jung

Government transparency in the U.S?: the ethics, functional literacy, and usability of open geographic government data

Clayton Benjamin

They’lI Ve: combining surrealist research and computer-mediated tools for social justice

Landon Berry

What’s a better category?: shavers or father’s day gifts?

Joseph Yun

Picturing information for money: visual usage in humanities-based grant applications

Angelia Giannone

SESSION: Extended abstracts

Barriers to publishing visual rhetoric research

Kathryn M. Northcut

Interactive data visualization for risk assessment: can there be too much user agency?

Sonia, H. Stephens

Economies of type: the public quest for cheap printing

Heather Noel Turner

A prototype theory approach to internationalizing information design in health and medical communication

Kirk St. Amant

Globalizing technical communication research through digital mapping

Adam Strantz

Re-imag(in)ing the digital domestic sphere: a critical-creative study of photography and motherhood in the 21st century

Lindsey Harding

Designing smartphone apps for at risk populations: domestic violence survivors and user experience

Brandy Dieterle

Interactive story: project management from inception to testing

Sara Raffel

The impact of the interface: responding to student writing in CMS’s

Mikal Post

SESSION: Experience reports

Participating in project management experiences in the workplace

Benjamin Lauren

Design process for user interaction with robotic manipulators in industrial internet applications

Doris Aschenbrenner, Michael Fritscher, Felix Sittner, Klaus Schilling

Teaching public speaking without the public: making a case for virtual audiences

Jill Manderson, Binod Sundararajan, Linda Macdonald

Leading participant-centered research: an argument for taking a more strategic role as user experience architects

Cait Ryan, Liza Potts

Moving from site to presence with a writing program’s online identity

Seán McCarthy

Responsive, mobile app, mobile first: untangling the UX design web in practical experience

Cheri Mullins

Capturing social value in UX projects

Andrew Mara, Miriam Mara

HART: the human affect recording tool

Jaclyn Ocumpaugh, Ryan S. Baker, Ma Mercedes Rodrigo, Aatish Salvi, Martin van Velsen, Ani Aghababyan, Taylor Martin

Designing an archive for born-digital dissertations

Kathie Gossett

My reviewers: participatory design & crowd-sourced usability processes

Cassandra Branham, Joe Moxley, Val Ross

Universal scent blackbox: engaging visitors communication through creating olfactory experience at art museum

Mei-Kei Lai

User-created persona: Namibian rural Otjiherero speakers

Daniel G. Cabrero

Thinking tools for moving across boundaries

Sarah Tinker Perrault, Susan Verba, Sumayyah Ahmed, Prerna Dudani, Yohei Kato

Effective user experience in online technical communication courses: employing multiple methods within organizational contexts to assess usability

Marjorie Rush Hovde

SESSION: Research papers

The obese body as interface: fat studies, medical data, and infographics

Marie Moeller

Dispelling myths, motivating action: rhetorical complexities and information challenges in the heart healthy advocacy website, go red for women

Antoinette Larkin

Factors to actors: implications of posthumanism for social justice work

Emma J. Rose, Rebecca Walton

Designing tools to support advanced users in new forms of social media interaction

Hyunggu Jung, Sungsoo (Ray) Hong, Perry Meas, Mark Zachry

Socio-technical gaps in online collaborative consumption (OCC): an example of the etsy community

Ali Gheitasy, José Abdelnour-Nocera, Bonnie Nardi

Using social media sentiment analysis for interaction design choices: an exploratory framework

Mark McGuire, Constance Kampf

Putting GamerGate in context: how group documentation informs social media activity

Michael Trice

Emphasizing technical communication as the intersection of STEM and humanities

Alice Daer

Identifying latent variables in nonprofit proposal writing: results of two structural equation models

Sarah K. Gunning

Users to the rescue: the role of user-generated content (UGC) in the Minnesota affordable care act (ACA) website launch

Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch

Graphical abstracts: a taxonomy and critique of an emerging genre

Suzanne Lane, Andreas Karatsolis, Lily Bui

Envisioning mobile apps for audio description: exploring universal design of national park service brochures

Brett Oppegaard, Thomas Conway, Megan Conway

Building foundations for the crowd: minimalist author support guides for crowdsourced documentation wikis

Luke Thominet

Designing mobility apps to support intermodal travel chains

Claas Digmayer, Sara Vogelsang, Eva-Maria Jakobs

Addressing sociotechnical gaps in the design and deployment of digital resources in rural Kenya

Jose Abdelnour Nocera, Souleymane Camara

User preferences of software documentation genres

Ralph H. Earle, Mark A. Rosso, Kathryn E. Alexander

Target data breach: applying user-centered design principles to data breach notifications

Fer O’Neil

How do entrepreneurs hone their pitches?: analyzing how pitch presentations develop in a technology commercialization competition

Clay Spinuzzi, Gregory Pogue, R. Scott Nelson, Keela S. Thomson, Francesca Lorenzini, Rosemary A. French, Sidney D. Burback, Joel Momberger

Digital badges for deliberate practice: designing effective badging systems for interactive communication scenarios

Joseph R. Fanfarelli, Rudy McDaniel