We are pleased to announce that the 2015 ACM Special Interest Group on Design of Communication conference will be held in Limerick, Ireland between July 16-17, 2015. This conference will be a bit earlier in the year than most years, but you should have some great opportunities to sightsee and travel before and after the conference.

The theme for SIGDOC 2015 is Comhéadan (pronounced ko-wā-a-tha-na with the emphasis on the syllable “wā”). Comhéadan means “interface”; interface between systems and users, interface between industry and academia, interface between multiple communication systems, etc.

SIGDOC focuses on the design of communication as it is taught, practiced, researched, and conceptualized in the fields of user-centered design, technical communication, software engineering, information architecture, and usability.

Members of SIGDOC include information designers, user experience researchers, educators, web content developers, usability specialists, computer scientists, and user interface designers.

Please see our Call for Participation for more information about how to attend SIGDOC.