Justify Attending

Need help justifying your trip to Colorado Springs? Here are some suggestions for justifying why your manager or supervisor should send you to the 2014 SIGDOC conference.

Below is a sample memo you might send. Download document here: Word DOC format; TXT format; PDF format.


FROM: [yourname]

TO: [your supervisor’s name]


RE: Staff Improvement


I understand that our company is cutting back on training costs and we are looking for ways to get the most for the money we spend in every area. There is a cost-effective professional education conference the end of September that will help [your company] reduce expenses in structured authoring, project management of reports and publications, as well as several other areas.

I would like to attend the 2014 SIGDOC conference in Colorado Springs, CO on Sept 27- 28, presented by ACM SIGDOC. The conference is two days of sessions with topics covering all aspects of technical writing, editing, project management, and publication production. The preliminary program is currently available online and we can go over the list together to determine which ones will benefit the company most.

The presenters all have written full-length proceedings papers which I will be able to share with my colleagues. The papers are like being able to bring the entire content of the conference back to share with the rest of the company, which increases the value of my participation.


[List transportation costs, registration fee, cost of meals, and the price per night of the hotel room. The conference room rate at the conference hotel is $99.00 Single or Double,.]

Summary of Benefits for [your company]:

With the current economic conditions, everyone at [your company] is being asked to do more and control costs wherever possible. This conference is a small investment in empowering me and others involved in [technical communication efforts] to do even more. The sessions will cover all aspects of the design of interactive systems and related forms of communication, including user experience, interaction design, information architecture, documentation, and user research methods. This knowledge will enable us to handle [a particular client or project] with more professionalism and confidence, which will reflect favorably on [your company].