CDQ News Podcast

The CDQ News podcast is designed to support the SIGDOC publication Communication Design Quarterly (CDQ) and the series objective is to promote key articles and increase awareness of the publication. The series will focus on CDQ author interviews, typically addressing one article per episode. In article-based interviews, we will ask authors to explain what drew them to their topic, what the article’s key findings and takeaways are, and where future research should be headed. When appropriate, we also ask them to discuss the theoretical and methodological basis for their research. While most publication-based podcasts are limited to articles, this series will also include occasional episodes addressing CDQ reader areas of interest. Example topics include how to publish in and review for academic publications, key theories, and research methods. New episodes will be released every other month and will typically be 6-12 minutes long. The first episode will be released in Fall 2020.

Podcast Editor: Dr. Ed Youngblood,

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