Dr. Diana Patterson

The Diana Award is named after Diana Patterson, past President of SIGDOC for three terms (1980-1989). The award is given to an organization, institution, or business for their long-term contribution to the field of communication design. Since 2005, Diana Awards have typically been given every other year, alternating with the Rigo Award.

Diana Patterson was a professor of English in the faculties of Arts and Communication Studies at Mount Royal University. She began her career at Mount Royal in 1991 and retired in 2013 after 23 years. As the acting chair of the Technical Writing program, she was instrumental in developing the Technical Communication Degree. In 2014 Patterson was selected by the University Board of Governors as Professor Emerita for her ongoing commitment to Mount Royal.

Nominations for the Diana Award are considered carefully by the SIGDOC Executive Committee. Any SIGDOC member can submit a nomination (self-nominations welcome) to be put on the ballot by sending an email to sigdocacm@gmail.com at least eight (8) months prior to the next conference. All nominations are voted upon by the Executive Committee. Winners are announced at the subsequent SIGDOC conference.

Deadline for 2025 Diana Award nominations: February 15, 2025.

Since 1994, the Diana Award has been given to the following organizations: